Resources for Defence

Transitioning to a civilian career after being in the Defence Force for a long period of time can be difficult. We’ve included a number of helpful resources to help you during this transition to find positive new directions.

Learn how to translate your resume to civilian terminology, school yourself on the latest advice from employers on what they look for from ex-defence, and grow your knowledge on the labour market hot spots. Find out how we can help with your Defence Career Transition.

Holiday Season Redundancies. One thing no-one wants for Christmas

Sadly every year around this time we think our work in outplacement will quieten down. Yet this is...

Downsizing Recovery – Having Positive Career Conversations

During periods of change and uncertainty, morale and engagement are always key points of concern for HR Managers...

Planning for Downsizing | Ways to Show You Care

No HR Manager wants the unenviable task of having to manage a program of redundancies, be it for one individual or a…

Compassion & Compliance – Redundancies Can Have Both

For most HR Divisions, the pressure to make sure the redundancy is handled...

Outplacement Services Cost – The Questions to Ask

When assessing outplacement services, it’s not always easy to compare. Price is highly important, but even more…

How to Choose the Best Outplacement Firm and Program for Your Staff Member

Choose the Best Outplacement service providers to help everyone

Outplacement Services – Support at a Time of Vulnerability

Outplacement is not an obligation by a company but a deliberate choice to offer support to someone

The New Career Objective & Why You Need It!

You might have heard the advice to ditch your career objective. This article explains why you don't need to lose it,…

Avoid These 3 Mistakes and Make Sure You’re Seen by Recruiters

The job market has changed and with it so has how the job application process works. This video shows how avoiding…

Redundancy and Bias Against the Unemployed

Career change is hard at the best of times. But for those affected by redundancy it can be a double whammy when

Building Your Personal Brand – Aussie Style

Australian's typically find self-promotion difficult. This slideshare provides some easy strategies and tips for…

Applicant Tracking Systems: 5 Things You Need to Know

In order to have a human review your resume, you are likely first going to have to make it past an applicant tracking…

Redundancy Sucks. The Fastest Route Back to the Happily Reemployed

Redundancy hurts. Read how to take steps that will provide you with the fastest route back to the happily

Resume Design & Applicant Tracking Systems (Video)

An instructional video on how to design your resume to be effective in applicant tracking systems

Explaining Redundancy in Your Resume or CV

Should you explain your redundancy in your resume? How to manage redundancy in your resume.

Given Outplacement? Why You Want To Use It!

Modern outplacement explained and how it can benefit you. If you’ve never had outplacement before, or only used…

Redundancy Survival Tips for the First Week

Tips for the first week. What To Do (And Not To Do) When Your Role Has Been Made Redundant! Most people when they…

Finding Labour Market Information

Labour market information is important to career planning. The following lists sources of Australian Labour Market…

5 Top Career Books to Fuel Your Career Change

5 books to help you make a successful career transition, the trick is to arm yourself with the very

9 Quick Changes to Improve Your Resume

If you are short on time and needing to update your resume quickly here are 9 quick tips on changes that are easy to…

Salary Negotiation – Tips for Getting What You are Worth

For many people one of the most nerve-wracking parts of the selection process can be the salary

Resume Writing Credentials Explained

You want to find a resume expert but how do you know who is a seasoned writer from a rookie? Resume writing

Cool Resumes – 2016 Resume Trends

Want to get your resume to the top of the employer’s interview list? If you’ve been using the same resume for a few…

Seven Quick Job Search Tips

This fun little slideshare provides 7 quick tips for job search. If you are part of one of our outplacement programs -…

Performance Tips for a Video Interview

Your presentation skills on video can make an incredible difference to the impact you deliver and your lasting…

How to Choose a Decent Resume Writer

There is a lot of variability in resume writers so how do you choose a good resume writer. Anyone can advertise as a…

The Video Interview – What To Expect

Video interviews are becoming more common. Learn what to expect in this new type of interview process.

Setting Up for A Video Interview

No-one wants a technical hiccup in their video interview. Make sure your video interview goes smoothly by checking…

5 Ways to Get Happier in Your Job!

We spend more than 2000 minutes a week on our workplace activities. Here are a few tips to be happier at work.

Understanding The Modern Resume

Modern resume design is complex. New HR technologies, shifting resume expectations and a move to integrate online…

Choosing an Executive Outplacement Provider

Senior executives are a highly valuable asset to a business so when the time comes for an Executive to move on most…

Tips for Managing HR Stress During Change

For many HR practitioners, the reason they chose their professional was because they like working with people.…

Protecting Your Employer Brand

Effective handling of the sensitivities of workforce change and redundancies can negate potential damage to a company’s…

How to Choose a Credible Outplacement Provider

If you are a company committed to upholding your employer brand then you are most likely

Kick Interview Nerves By Doing These 5 Things

If you’ve been invited to interview, you are probably starting to feel nervous. This is actually a good thing.…

Why Redundancy is No Longer a Dirty Word?

Will telling people about your redundancy damage your job search? This article provides tips on communicating the news…

5 Golden Career Rules for a Life Well-lived

Our careers have a big impact on our happiness. This infographic shares some golden career rules to follow to achieve a…

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Find out how we can design a program to meet your needs.
Not familiar with outplacement? Learn more in our information section – what is outplacement?