How to Choose a Credible Outplacement Provider

If you are a company committed to upholding your employer brand then you are most likely providing outplacement support, but how do you find the best provider for this service?

Corporate outplacement service providers are numerous in the market with a great variability in service levels and programs.

The following are frameworks you can use to assess the quality of potential providers.

Check the experience and credentials of their Coaches and Consultants. Consultants with professional status within a CICA approved body such as CDAA (Career Development Association of Australia) are deemed to be qualified and remaining up-to-date with industry practices and theory through ongoing professional development.

  1. Is their Résumé Team Certified? Certified Résumé Writers have their work assessed against resume writing frameworks to ensure they meet the required expectations in industry. Appropriate résumé certifications are a good measure of the quality of the résumé development and other career marketing documentation.
  2. What is their Approach To Program Flexibility? Every job seeker is different and consequently their program should be too. Complete flexibility and the ability for the individual to customise the program to their needs means your investment is maximised and outcomes improved.
  3. What is their approach to after-program-support? Post-program support can be invaluable assistance to individuals still searching for roles at the end of the program.
  4. Do they have a writing team to help with career marketing documentation? For most candidates the number one most important element of an outplacement program is assistance with writing and developing their career marketing documents – resume, LinkedIn, letters, applications and bio’s. Outplacement programs offering this support will be seen as highly valuable to almost all participants.
  5. What is their Policy on Confidentiality & Ethics? Outplacement is a highly sensitive area and should be handled appropriately.It’s important companies protect the confidentiality of both your organisation and the individual and abide by the Industry Code of Conduct.
  6. Do they provide transparency and reporting on program delivery? Companies that report back to you on program completion means you know your investment is being used appropriately. Reporting should be delivered without breaching client confidentiality.
  7. Is the company active in Career Development? Do they take a strong role in industry development? Companies that are active in industry associations are likely to be up-to-date with latest practices.
  8. Are they impartial and independent?  It’s important that the provider is able to provide impartial advice on appropriate recruiter agencies and other career development supports.
  9. Are they responsive?  When you call do they answer the phone? When you email do they respond back quickly. When you speak with them do you feel listened to and that they are responsive? Genuine outplacement providers get into this industry because they care. A strong company will be committed to working with you to deliver positive outcomes for your people.
  10. Do they have the expertise to help you protect your employer brand?  Workforce changes are a risky time for company’s employer brand.  A good outplacement provider will help you manage and strengthen your employer brand through effective communications. Outplacement support is an ideal way to show your existing workforce that you care and handled appropriately will reinforce the company’s values and workforce commitment.