The nature of today’s fluid markets means restructure and redundancies are here to stay so the best way a business can alleviate some of the difficulty that job loss brings is to offer immediate support through appropriate career transition coaching.

Outplacement programs assist during career transition on multiple levels. Emotionally outplacement programs give the employee someone to speak with about their feelings, both immediately after the news is broken and in the period following as they begin to move forward. Emotions run high during career change and a career coach who is experienced in working with people during this time can be a comforting presence and a calming influence during the challenges and opportunities that will present.

On a more practical note outplacement programs can be invaluable in providing the critical tools and guidance needed to navigate the job search process. A quality resume writer can make an incredible difference to interview outcomes when they partner positively with the individual to present their background positively, accurately and competitively. A career coach can be instrumental in bringing clarity during the decision-making and career planning process and with interview preparation and coaching on job search tactics.

Outplacement services vary in how they are offered from company to company so it’s always important to research and find the best fit for your employees. Some outplacement services are delivered face-to-face whilst others operate virtually and individuals often have a strong preference on this.  Many outplacement programs are now offering qualified resume writers and branding strategists as an alternative to resume review and coaching which can be beneficial if employees are looking for this type of support.

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One of the most important distinguishers between programs often comes in the credentials and experience of the career coaching team and its always important to qualify what these are when entrusting employees in transition to an outplacement company. It’s also helpful to qualify how much flexibility and freedom they will be given for program customisation to meet their needs.

Outplacement is not an obligation by a company but a deliberate choice to offer support to someone at a time of vulnerability. The good news is with appropriate support from qualified career practitioners, outplacement typically helps people feel more confident during their transition, better equipped for the future and ultimately sees them move forward confidently into positive new roles. Read more about the difference these companies decisions to offer outplacement has made to the lives of the employees during transition.