Senior executives are a highly valuable asset to a business so when the time comes for an Executive to move on most companies want to make sure they are cared for well.

Executive career transition brings unique challenges for both the business and individual. Visibility is much higher and it’s important the situation is planned for in advance, managed well and handled sensitively.

When considering an executive outplacement provider its important the organisation is able to act as a partner to HR during the critical lead up to the separation and has the in-house capability to provide the high-level marketing support and executive coaching required.

As a minimum they should have:

  • Capability for Executive Resume Development by a certified and experienced executive resume writer who understands executive branding and positioning
  • A Personal Branding Strategist able to partner with your executive to plan and manage their profile during this period and to advise on managing any media attention
  • A LinkedIn Profile writer who can assist with updating, optimising and managing your Executive’s LinkedIn profile
  • A dedicated Executive Career coach who understands executive search strategies and is able to skillfully partner with the individual to ensure a well -planned search campaign that targets the right opportunities and companies

When entrusting your executive to work with an executive career coach you are also looking for more than just skills, you need a positive values fit. Trust is essential during this period for both the company and the executive. This is a time when both parties are vulnerable to brand damage. It’s important that the process is navigated sensitively to mitigate any risk and to showcase the move in a mutually positive light.

Confidentiality is also critical and an experienced career coach can provide invaluable counsel in managing sensitive information during this time. Finally an executive coach who is willing to be both a supportive partner and appropriate challenger when needed is invaluable.

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