If you’ve never had outplacement before, or only used traditional outplacement services, it can be hard to know whether they can make a difference. The answer is a resounding yes!

Outplacement is simply being given the services of an expert resume writer and career coach but instead of you paying,  the bill is paid by your employer. These services are delivered by people whose job it is to understand the employment market and their expert insights can make an incredible difference to how effectively and quickly you find another role.

Here are 4 ways outplacement services will help you: 

  1. Your resume will be stronger. An expert resume writer can help you showcase your experience in the best light.  They will help you map out past roles in a way that evidences your capability and value. They also understand recruiter technologies so your resume will work effectively in these mediums.
  2. You will be more confident in your job search. Your career coach really understands what is (and isn’t) working in the job market currently. They can assist you to gain clarity around ‘where to next’ and then support you through the job search process.
  3. Interviews seem easier when you have had support to prepare and know what to expect. Your interview coach will step you through how to get ready, how to respond in the right way to the questions, and how to make an impact with potential employers.
  4. Your career coach is working for you. Their success is helping you achieve your goals.  They are solely here to support you. This means you have someone to talk to, to be a sounding board, to keep you focused and to offer expert guidance on the market currently.

If you are on the fence as to whether you think it may help you below are a few words from someone who felt similarly when they were first offered support.

“I was totally blown away by the support and assistance I got. It was totally different to what I expected. It was tailored directly to my specific needs. Adrian’s guidance has been superb and Michelle’s writing and analysis skills really opened my eyes to my own abilities and experience that I can bring to employers. I thoroughly recommend this service.”

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