There is a lot of variability in resume writers so how do you choose a good resume writer. Anyone can advertise as a resume writer and like most industries there is an incredible diversity of standards. So how do you tell if you’ve found a credible resume writer or a dud? Here are a few warning signs to watch out for that will help sort the great from the risky

1. They are only giving you a PDF file of your resume. A skilled resume writer knows you need to edit your resume every time you send it out to align with the job advertisement. If your resume writer is only giving you a non-editable PDF version they do not care about your results and you should find someone else. This is simply a way to get you back and make more money from you. Most good resume writers will give you a PDF, Word and Plain text file AND talk you through how to use them within today’s complex applicant tracking systems.

2. They are available and pushy for your business. The best resume writers are in demand. When someone sees the work of a great resume writer in action, they inevitably next refer on their mum, their brother, and their work mates. Exceptional resume writers are usually super busy with multiple projects. If your resume writer is desperate for your business, it’s likely they are new to the industry or not producing referral business.

 3. They take your business without asking any questions. A skilled resume writer will want to know what your reason is for wanting a resume?  What your goals are and what you are targeting? An effective resume needs to be targeted and aligned to your goals. It takes research to perfect. If they are not asking these questions or are willing to do up a generic resume you are probably wasting your money.  A pretty resume does not produce results. Strategic content aligned to hirers’ needs and integrated within effective formatting does.  Most resume writers will NOT write a generic resume.

 4. They are cheap and have a quick turnaround time. An experienced resume writer who has been writing for years will tell you a decent resume takes time.  Many, many, many hours of writing and formatting.  If your resume is cheap this is an indication of how much time is being spent on it.  You do not want a bargain resume. Bargain resumes hurt your chances of job search success.

5. They are not part of any career body or resume writing professional body.  Resume writing changes constantly and good resume writers understand the importance of staying up to date with industry changes (See our article on 2016 resume trends for a few of these). They will usually be part of a professional body. Strong writers will also often have credentials or even awards.  Look for a certified resume writer (see our article on resume writing credentials explained) or ask around. The best resume writers are well known and most resume writers who are in demand will refer to those they know do a good job.

When it comes time to select a writer, a little homework before you commit can make a big difference to your final product, and ultimately your job search success.

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