If you’ve been invited to interview, you are probably starting to feel nervous. This is actually a good thing. Adrenaline fuels our brain to perform.  The best way to ease your nerves is to stop thinking and start doing. Here are a few things you can do to put yourself in a positive place for your interview.

Reframe and Reboot

It’s natural to worry about what could go wrong, but it’s more helpful to think about what could go right. Coming from a place of confidence will show in the interview. Don’t focus on questions you might not be able to answer but instead, think about what you want to tell them. Revisit their advertisement and make a list of all your relevant strengths, talents and skills. Look for examples of times in your past that showcase your ability to meet their needs and bring value to their workplace. Keep this list handy as you prepare for your interview, and revisit this before you leave on the day.

Make Self-Care a Priority

If you want to perform well you need to be in your best condition. In the lead up to the interview focus on simple positive behaviours that will help you. Make adequate sleep a priority. No-one performs well when they are sleep deprived. On the day schedule in some light exercise to pump up your endorphins. Steer clear of ‘crash and burn’ foods that can be mood destroyers. Instead, shout yourself a great meal that you really enjoy but that you know will also fuel your brain.

Look Great Feel Great

If you feel good, you perform better. Before the interview, find an outfit you feel great in. Nothing wrecks your confidence quicker than an ill-fitting outfit or popped button. If you don’t have anything on hand, try to borrow from a friend for the day. The aim is to feel confident and look the part.

Take the Pressure Off

The biggest performance killer in interviews is destructive self-talk so nip that in the bud. Remind yourself the interviewers want you to succeed. The sooner they find the right person the better for the interviewer. Keep telling yourself they know you will be nervous. They expect you to have a few slips and mental blanks. They don’t want plastic and perfect, they just want a real person who will be a great fit for their team and the role. If it’s a good fit for you and a good fit for them, you simply have to be you to win the role.

Choose to Recharge Not Rehash

Finally, after the interview take some time to recharge. Interviewing is exhausting. Congratulate yourself on giving your best effort and banish any inclination to start re-hashing your interview performance. What will be, will be now. No interview is perfect but every interview will help you perform better in the future and take you one step closer to your next role.