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Outplacement Solutions Matched to Your Needs

We partner with companies and individuals during times of change to deliver outplacement solutions that help everyone move forward with confidence.  

Outplacement Australia provides HR outplacement services in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth and regional centres nationwide. Our outplacement programs are built to work in today's complex job markets and are delivered by qualified experts in the career development field. This includes specialists in resume writing, interview coaching, personal branding and career strategy. The result: confidence and we've helped people from companies all over Australia to move ahead positively into exciting new roles or new chapters in their career.

Our priority is caring for your people and your employer brand.

Appropriate support reinforces your reputation as an employer who genuinely cares about their workforce. We partner with you during the process so that the people leaving are understandably sad but not angry, and the remaining staff are proud to be part of your organisation. This also ensures each individual's next move is positive, exciting and aligned to their career goals.   

Each company and individual is unique. We find the right solution for you.

We know that each company and individual is unique. All our programs are designed to be as flexible and value-driven as possible. We help with outplacement and redeployment and have a suite of individual programs and group workshop options to suit all levels of your business. 

Speak to us today about how we can support your people to move forward with confidence. 

1:1 Outplacement Services

With options available from a single career coaching session through to a 12-month program we can provide quality outplacement support matched to your budget. Programs typically include resume, LinkedIn and career marketing support by our award-winning resume team, expert help with interview coaching and job search tactics, career planning and strategy.

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Outplacement Programs for Groups

Are a number of your employees affected by change? Group career transition programs may offer an affordable solution that ensures your employees have access to crucial career coaching and redundancy outplacement support during their transition period. We offer employee outplacement services and a range of different group workshop programs and will customise a workshop to meet your staff member's needs.

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Executive Outplacement Services

Our executive outplacement services deliver executives with all the strategic guidance and marketing tools they need to present powerfully in the marketplace. Our expert resume team and executive coaches can assist your most senior executives move forward with confidence. We can help you protect and uphold the brand of both your company and the individual throughout the process.

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Outplacement Solutions Australia-Wide.

Whatever the change affecting your organisation, Outplacement Australia provides the support and services your people need to move forward with confidence. Contact your nearest Outplacement Australia office in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth or Cairns to speak with an outplacement specialist about the solutions we can deliver.

Call us, we'd love to hear from you. Find out how we can design a program to meet your needs. Not familiar with outplacement? Learn more in our information section - what is outplacement?


"She took the time to really get to know me and was able to translate this into a resume for me that truly brings my key strengths to light"

- S Career Transition Participant

"I got a team of experts helping me to get the dream job"

- Cherie

"The support, encouragement and positivity from the team"

- K Career Transition Participant

"I was so impressed with the finished product"

- E Career Transition Participant

"I feel like a superhero when I read my resume"

- L Career Transition Participant

"She helped me regain the confidence to move further with my career"

- M Career Transition Participant

"The team who worked with me, made me feel important"

- Ms K Career Transition Participant

"I know it’s all me on paper, but you have made me sound like a real, skilled, professional"

- T Career Transition Participant

"The resources were helpful and the flexibility in both face to face and remote sessions"

- Robert A

"You were responsible for shifting my husbands dreary outlook on the job market. Thanks to your help he found a fantastic new job that he loves"

- Doug's Wife

"You assisted me in coming to terms with having to look for a job after 20 years with the same company"

- Ray

"You offered a perspective at a time when emotionality is high"

- Heidi

"Danielle enabled me to take important steps towards creating a new path for myself with a sense of confidence"

- Carley

"I really can't thank you enough, and am so happy I contacted your company"

- Jane

"My interview coaching session was a great experience...he helped me develop crisp answers that the interviewer was looking for"

- Robert

"I was totally blown away by the support and assistance I got from Outplacement Australia. It was totally different to what I expected"

- Aaron

"The confidence boost was great and the comments I received on the quality of my resume were awesome"

- Darren

"It was my first experience being unemployed. Outplacement Australia made the whole experience less painful"

- Emma

"You are amazing. I can't believe how thorough and dedicated you are"

- Terry

"I don’t think I could have done it without you"

- Elizabeth

It's a privilege to have access to this professional support from specialists who really seem to care

- Lara

"It really gave me the boost that I needed to get back in the job market"

- Fiona

Everyone I worked with at Outplacement Australia were amazing and helped me immensely

- Mark

"I will be forever grateful for Danielle's understanding and support during this very challenging time of my life"

- Eva

"It was like meeting the most professional friend in the world"

- Liz

"Thank you for the insight, support and the expertise you provided at this challenging time"

- Corporate Workshop Participants

"You made me feel confident and positive about where I was heading in the next chapter of my life"

- Kathy

Industry Awards & Credentials

We are committed to the highest of standards. Our team includes award-winning, certified resume writers and qualified career practitioners.


Your career is in safe hands with qualified CDAA professionals up-to-date with the latest in career transition.


Access our multi-award winning resume team to have your resume designed by leaders in the field.

Reach Certified Strategist

Build your professional brand by working with our qualified Personal Branding Strategist


Our team has won multiple industry awards including the prestigious CDI Lifetime Achievement Award


Our resume workshops are custom designed by a Certified Master Resume Writer to help you stand out


Our team includes Certified Resume Writers who have had to pass exacting standards by CDI's certification body


For our executives, our resume team is led by a Certified Executive Resume Master and expert in executive career marketing


Translating a defence career to civilian terminology requires specialist expertise. We have Australia's only Certified Resume Specialist in Military Transition