How to write resumes for Ex Defence & Military

The video above discusses military to civilian resume writing tactics and how you can go about desigining your resume in a way that sells your defence background and skills effectively to potential employers.

Step 1. Find out what they want

Your career transition should start with research – research into the prospective roles you will be applying for, what these positions involve and the skills required. Do your homework.

Step 2. Catch their attention

You need to sell your experience and the skill set that you will bring to prospective employers.

Step 3. Focus on the relevant

Evidence your skills, achievements and experiences but bring the focus onto what is relevant. Do more than list your duties, think about what you did in those roles and how this can be transferred to another role. For example, rapid decision making, training, team leadership and risk assessment as opposed to tactical training, weapons operations, combat duties.

Step 4. Bring out the big guns

Sell your achievements and successes, and don’t just tell them what you did, tell them how well you did it and the value it brought to your past employers.

Step 5. Polish, proof and apply

Invest the time in getting it right. Nail the content and perfect the presentation. Be confident that it represents you well!

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