Public Sector Options & Applications for Ex-Army

The Australian Public Sector is an attractive potential employer for many former Australian defence members and an area of natural fit. Defence members bring strong training, an awareness of working in line with strict corporate ethos, values, and behavioural expectations and a background working in high-security environments.

The challenge when approaching employment opportunities in this area is to familiarise yourself with APS recruitment and selection processes, in particular government selection criteria writing requirements, to give yourself the strongest chance of success.

A number of highly helpful resources for understanding the APS application processes can be found at APSC Publications which offers a series a fact sheets on recruitment and selection processes. Included in this series is the highly valuable document ‘Cracking the Code‘  which outlines how to write selection criteria including instructions on how to present strong STAR examples.

Other helpful resources on the site include:

To find and seach for jobs you will want to go to the The APS JobSearch Portal

You can also find information on APS employment conditions.

The APS workforce as outlined in the State of the Service Report 2010-11, includes 97 agencies with 166,495 employees.

The application process for Australian Public Service positions can be onerous so allow enough time to prepare thorough responses. The efforts are well worth it when a successful career is the outcome. Contact us today for a professional resume written just for ex-ADF members.